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Professional & Technical

Job Titles Guide

There are many Professional & Techncial roles available within the construction industry. If you have experience that can be applied to the Administration, Engineering, Maintenance, Management or Marketing of a construction related business we’d like to hear from you. If you are seeking a professional hiring solution you need look no further than SELECTA.


Many administrative and clerical jobs are about following procedures, checking things and keeping records. You’ll like this kind of work if you’re an organised person with good attention to detail.

There are many different career paths for those who are technically minded. Some roles require practical skills and creativity, others need a good knowledge of maths and science. An interest in how things work and problem solving skills will help if you want to design and build tomorrow’s technology.

Most jobs of this nature involve fixing things and understanding how machines work. These jobs should interest you if you like working with your hands and/or solving technical problems.

There are many different roles for managers in construction related industries. You’ll need organisational, communication and leaderships skills, along with the ability to solve problems and keep calm under pressure. If this sounds like you, there could be a job to suit you here.

These jobs are about selling goods and services. In many jobs you’ll need good commercial sense and the ability to understand how customers think. You could also need the creativity to make your products attractive to customers.

Job Titles


  1. Admin assistant
  2. Bilingual secretary
  3. Bookkeeper
  4. Credit controller
  5. Data entry clerk
  6. Estates officer
  7. Finance officer
  8. Health and safety adviser
  9. Human resources assistant
  10. Human resources manager
  11. Office manager
  12. Personal assistant
  13. Purchasing manager
  14. Receptionist
  15. Sales administrator
  16. Secretary
  17. Supervisor
  18. Telephonist

  1. Acoustics consultant
  2. Building services engineer
  3. CAD technician
  4. Civil engineer
  5. Civil engineering technician
  6. CNC machinist
  7. Electrical engineer
  8. Electrical engineering technician
  9. Energy engineer
  10. Engineering construction craftworker
  11. Engineering construction technician
  12. Engineering craft machinist
  13. Engineering maintenance technician
  14. Engineering operative
  15. Forklift truck engineer
  16. Gas mains layer
  17. Gas service technician
  18. Heating and ventilation engineer
  19. Lift engineer
  20. Maintenance fitter
  21. Marine engineer
  22. Marine engineering technician
  23. Mechanical engineer
  24. Mechanical engineering technician
  25. Quantity surveyor
  26. Quarry engineer
  27. Rail engineering technician
  28. Rail track maintenance worker
  29. Refrigeration & A/C installer
  30. Satellite engineer
  31. Security systems installer
  32. Structural engineer
  33. Technical surveyor
  34. Telecoms engineer
  35. Thermal insulation engineer

  1. Audio-visual technician
  2. Boat builder
  3. Building services engineer
  4. Caretaker
  5. Chimney sweep
  6. Construction plant mechanic
  7. Electrical engineer
  8. Electrical engineering technician
  9. Electrician
  10. Engineering maintenance technician
  11. Facilities manager
  12. Gas mains layer
  13. Gas service technician
  14. Glazier
  15. Handyperson
  16. Heating & ventilation engineer
  17. IT service engineer
  18. Leakage operative
  19. Lift engineer
  20. Locksmith
  21. Maintenance fitter
  22. Mechanical engineering technician
  23. Plumber
  24. Rail engineering technician
  25. Rail track maintenance worker
  26. Refrigeration & A/C installer
  27. Road worker
  28. Satellite engineer 
  29. Security systems installer
  30. Signalling technician
  31. Swimming pool technician 
  32. Telecoms engineer
  33. Thermal insulation engineer
  34. Welder
  35. Window fitter

  1. Architect
  2. Architectural technician
  3. Architectural technologist
  4. Building surveyor
  5. Building technician
  6. Business development manager
  7. Construction contracts manager
  8. Construction manager
  9. Construction site supervisor
  10. Estimator
  11. Facilities manager
  12. General practice surveyor
  13. Health and safety manager
  14. IT project manager
  15. Land Surveyor
  16. Marketing manager
  17. Network manager
  18. Office manager
  19. Planning and development surveyor
  20. Purchasing manager
  21. Quantity surveyor
  22. Rural surveyor
  23. Sales manager
  24. Supervisor
  25. Technical surveyor
  26. Town planner
  27. Web content manager
  28. Workshop supervisor
  1. Business analyst
  2. Business development manager
  3. Digital marketing officer
  4. Market research data analyst
  5. Market research executive
  6. Market researcher
  7. Marketing director
  8. Marketing executive
  9. Marketing manager
  10. Sales administrator
  11. Sales manager
  12. Social media manager 
  13. Sales promotion executive 
  14. Sales representative 
  15. Sales supervisor
  16. Telesales executive

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