In a crowded recruitment market, we focus on delivering selective recruitment solutions to UK based companies engaged in; Construction & Maintenance, Shopfitting & Exhibition, Manufacturing & Engineering and Information Technology. Established in 2002, Selecta provides reliable staffing solutions that deliver practical results, to a variety of companies.

Resourcing Methods

Temporary work forms the backbone of our organisation and provides flexibility for our Clients and Candidates. As a Client you are able to expand and contract your workforce to meet demand. Candidates benefit from choice, a variety of jobs and a level of commitment from us, that is equal to or more than the commitment you are willing to show our Clients.

When a role is ‘under development’ a Temporary to Permanent arrangement may be the solution. During a temporary period, a Client can provide additional training and test how a Candidate works within the structure of an organisation. Finally, a Candidate can then be considered for a Permanent role, usually with a final interview to agree commitments.

Permanent roles can only move forward after a series of checks and events have happened almost perfectly and in order. The recruitment process involves people at all stages and so this involves a large amount of goodwill up until the point a Candidate actually starts his or her job. Due to the level of commitment, the whole process must be a considered one.

Market Share 2015-16

  • Temporary 70%
  • Temporary To Permanent 15%
  • Permanent 15%

Practical Candidates

We recruit Practical Candidates for our Clients, across the U.K. We do this within a selection of industries that compliment one another well. Within the extensive range of Services we provide; Carpenters, Construction Labourers, Engineers, IT Asssistants and more. We look forward to exceeding your expectations in future.

Coverage Area

Our coverage of the County of Greater London is comprehensive and fast. We can quickly assemble teams of experienced Candidates across London, often within hours. Having faced some of our biggest challenges in the Capital, we are often at our most resourceful within Cities. We take pride in maintaining 100% coverage for our services across Greater London.

Throughout England & Wales we are able to provide recruitment services wherever there is a comprehensive road network and/or public transport. We excel at working on rollout projects with clients in multiple locations and under tight deadlines. We relish secure jobs for some of our workforce who have recently relocated to locations around England & Wales.

Scotland & Ireland provide some instant challenges to a company such as Selecta. Whilst we are able to provide services to the major Cities, there are factors such as remote locations, culture and expectations that will always need additional consideration. Our timely policy of 2017 is to speak with more potential Clients and Candidates in Scotland & Ireland.

Available Coverage

  • Greater London 100%
  • England & Wales 75%
  • Scotland & Ireland 25%

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At Selecta, we want your next job to be your favourite yet. To increase the chances of this happening, we want to find you work with rewarding and inspiring companies. And whilst the future is uncertain, a good reputation with Selecta can lead to infinite possibilities, now and in future.



When resourcing for our clients we always try to put ourselves in their shoes. We use tried and tested methods to engage individuals and assemble them as a team. The continued strength of a team can be maintainned by giving feedback and analysing results with your contact at Selecta.



We have experience with a variety of staffing requirements, for which we can provide flexible and affordable solutions. If you are part of a business with a reputation to protect, we have a wealth of knowledge as recruiters and we are ready to listen and contribute to your success.

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